Sunday, May 2, 2010

love minus zero / no limit

The Word for today:
Jeremiah 49:1-33

In chapters 46 to 50 of Jeremiah, we read of God's judgment upon all of Israel's enemies. 

The judgments begin with Egypt,
then the Philistines,
then Moab,
then Ammon,
then Edom,
then Damascus,
then Kedar and Hazor,
then Elam,
and then the archenemy, Babylon.

All of these nations are to suffer the same fate as Israel, so that there is no place for the remnant of Judah to flee for safety. They could turn to no one for help. There was no place to look but up.

Many of God's judgments are indecipherable until we remember that his decisions are often relational.  His highest priority seems to be a relationship with, of all people, you!

Vickie, who wrote in this space yesterday, impressed that upon me--that God seems to so highly prize a relationship with you that he will remove your every resource until there is nowhere left to turn but to him.

God seems to so highly prize a relationship with you that he will take your legs out from under you (Jacob); or exile you (Israel and Judah); or visit you with disease and disaster (Job); or sift you with sorrow and regret (Peter).

God so highly values a relationship with you that he will sentence his sin-bearing son to die your death.

There is no limit to a love like that.


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