Friday, April 18, 2014

Joseph: a prophetic picture of Jesus

The Word for today:
Genesis 38, 39

There is no one in the entire Old Testament who is more closely a type of the Lord Jesus Christ than is Joseph.

(A type of Christ in scripture is a prophetic picture of the Christ to come--or a prophetic picture of the conditions of his coming kingdom.)

There is so much resemblance between Joseph and Jesus that we've constructed a chart which will alert you to some of these parallels.   As you read, be on the lookout for these remarkable prophetic illustrations of Jesus!

Joseph—a type of Christ

Joseph              Parallels                                         Jesus
37:2       A shepherd of his father’s sheep           John 10:11, 27-29
37:3       His father loved him dearly                      Matt. 3:17
37:4       Hated  by his brothers                              John 7:4,5
37: 13,14     Sent by father to seek his brothers   Heb. 2:11
37:20      Others plotted to harm him                      John 11:53
37:23       Robes taken from them                            John 19:23,24
37:26       Taken to Egypt                                         Matt. 2:14,15
37:28       Sold, by his own, for the price of a slave    Matt. 26:15
39:7         Tempted                                                      Matt. 4:1
39:16-18  Falsely accused                                         Matt 26:59-60 
39:20       Bound in chains                                         Matt. 27:2
40:2,3      Placed with two other prisoners (one saved, one lost)   Luke 23:32
41:41       Exalted after suffering                                Philemon 2: 9-11
41:46       30 years old at beginning of public recognition      Luke 3:23
42:24; 45:2,14,15; 46:29    Both wept                         John 11:35
45:1-15    Forgave those who wronged them           Luke 23:34
45:7          Saved their nation                                       Matt. 1:21
50:20        What men did to hurt them, God turned to good  1 Cor. 2:7,8

*Miraculous births; 
*Coat of many colors set him apart--Christ separate from sinners; 
*Joseph ruled over brethren;
*Christ presented Himself as Messiah and was ridiculed; 
*Both raised out of the pit (grave); 
*Both mocked; 
*Delivered to the Gentiles; 
*“Numbered with the transgressors;” 
*Seemingly died (or so his father thought) and was “brought to life” again as a triumphant king instead of a suffering servant. 
*Both had gentile “brides.”


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