Thursday, August 21, 2014

teach me your paths

(by Professor Dave)
The Word for today:
Psalm 25
After I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I developed a real hunger for the Word of God. I remember that one of my favorite psalms was Psalm 25. When I would read this Psalm, it became the prayer of my heart. I had a longing to understand God’s ways, and to be able to walk according to His direction. As David directed this prayer to God, he reminded himself of the essential elements of being teachable.
Psalm 25 is a psalm of David. The first thing that David requests is that he not be ashamed. Shame comes as the result of defeat. If we can recall, after Adam and Eve fell in the temptation, shame immediately followed. They knew that they were naked and they were ashamed. Sin brought shame. David opens by stating that his trust is in God. If we are to be free from the shame of sin, it begins with trust in God. In our own in strength we are powerless over sin and shame. Therefore, David goes on to ask that none who wait on God should be ashamed.
Having made this plea to God, David requests that God teach him His ways, His truth, and His paths. In seeking deliverance from the enemies of our soul, we need to follow God’s direction. In doing so, we must rely on God’s mercy and lovingkindness. Without these we would be lost, without hope. If God were to immediately respond to our sin, we would never see His face. But, because of His mercy and lovingkindness He has provided a way to restore fellowship with Him. Again David calls upon God’s mercy as he looks back to the sins of his youth and to his transgressions. He does not want to be remembered for his youthful sins or transgression, but he looks to God’s goodness in delivering him from them.
As David continues he reminds himself that God teaches those who are honest with regard to their soul’s condition and to those who are meek of heart. If one will not acknowledge one’s own sinfulness; they are not in a position to be taught by God. God teaches sinners. The beginning of God’s wisdom is in the fear of the LORD. God chooses the way to teach each individual, and that way is especially fitted to each individual.
David acknowledges his troubles and affliction, but continues to focus on God as his deliverer. David closes by stating that which he stated at the beginning. He seeks God’s deliverance from shame, based on the fact that he trusts in God. David ends by requesting the redemption of Israel.
I began this thought by stating the Psalm 25 was a prayer that I resorted to often in my early walk with Jesus. That hasn’t changed; I still return to this psalm when I am seeking guidance from the LORD. It all begins with placing our trust in God. We need to be honest with ourselves and with God that we are in need of His instruction. We need to approach God with meekness and reverence. Regardless of our present circumstances, we need to look to God as our deliverer, as David did.

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