Monday, June 29, 2015

the hinges and the Door

The Word for today:
1 Samuel 1
The only person in the Old Testament who was at one and the same time a prophet (1 Samuel 3:20) a priest (1 Samuel 7:9) and a judge (1 Samuel 7:6, 15).
God revealed himself to Samuel by the Word of God. God is not revealing (adding to) but He is illuminating his Word today by his Spirit, that we might come to know him.
The LORD continued to appear at Shiloh, and there he revealed himself to Samuel through his word. (3:21)
From the time he was a small child, Samuel was devoted to God's service, and later in life he became a great leader, moving his people from leadership by judges to rule by a king. He anointed both Saul and David as kings.
Like John the Baptist, Samuel was a great transitional figure, a hinge between two ages. Like John, he identified and proclaimed the man after God's own heart. (1 Sam. 13:14)
Hinges and the Door.
While Samuel and John the Baptist are hinges, connecting eras and dispensations and testaments, Jesus Christ is the ultimate transitional figure; the only mediator between God and men, life and death, heaven and hell, darkness and light, justice and mercy, truth and grace. The Door, he is the difference between what your life was and what it is. (1)
I went through the Door from hopelessness to hope, from pointlessness to purpose.
You went through the Door from ________________to __________________.

(1) See John 10:9 and 1 Timothy 2:5.

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