Saturday, December 17, 2016

turn, turn, turn

The Word for today:
Daniel 11:2-20
Chapter 11 of the book of Daniel is a prophetic description of the time between the Old and New Testaments.
There's not a lot here for a blogger to sink his teeth into. Except for this: We--you and I--happen to be 'tweeners, too.
Historically speaking, we are situated between the first and second advents of Jesus Christ. That's how our age will come to be known in the histories yet to be written, because time is expressed in its relationship to Jesus, who at his First Coming caused the calendar to split into two parts--B.C. and A.D.
It can be unsettling to think about, but in the great scheme of things we might be hardly worth mentioning. Our entire century might be worth a scant paragraph or two--like the paragraphs from Daniel that we've read today--leaving future bloggers little to work with.
Right around now, in the latter part of December, when we first begin to see and write the number of the new year, I linger for awhile and consider the sheer irony of the situation.
Loving irony just a little too much, this soon-to-be-forgotten 'tweener gets a little too glad when biblical perspective gets me thinking about all the big-wheels and big-deals of the present hour, who strive to leave their mark on history, but are soon and forever forgotten.
How ironic that even the dates on their weathering tombstones will testify to a suffering servant, born to die, who left his mark on everything:
who left time itself to be defined by its relative proximity to him;
who shines so brightly that he erases every star from the sky.

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