Thursday, January 26, 2017

All aboard the Bible Bus!

The Word for today:
Revelation 20:1-10
Since our ten verses today last for 1000 years--the Millennium--we thought that we'd have time for this short "commercial" break. So, using myself as an example, I'm going to try to "sell" you something...
They used to have a TV advertisement for men's hairpieces--or do we call them wigs? Whatever they are, there was this man with a full head of hair telling us how great a certain company's wigs are.
Pretty soon we find out that he's the owner of the wig company. Then, at the very end of the commercial, there's the same guy, but without any hair! Finally, as he puts his wig back on, he closes with this line:
"I not only own the company, but I'm also a client!"
It was a very effective advertisement. It sold a lot of wigs.
Well, I don't own a warehouse full of wigs, but I have stored up a fair amount of knowledge about the Bible. (If you've read any of the 1000+ "Stand in the Rain" Bible articles, you'll at least grant me that.) But you must understand that these articles represent me with my wig on, so to speak. Not too long ago, however, I was "bald!"
Because up until about 10 years ago, I knew less about scripture than any person I can think of. Then I ran into J. Vernon McGee.
Dr. J. Vernon McGee is simply the greatest Bible teacher who has ever lived. I first heard him when I was fiddling with my car radio in the year 2000 (which has a nice Millennial ring to it!)
At the end of the segment an announcer said that the program, called "Thru the Bible," could also be heard on the internet. So I pulled over and wrote down the
The very next day I typed into my browser, and I have been there ever since. 1,300 lessons later, in 2005, I finished the Thru the Bible course. The Bible Bus (as we insiders call it) had come all the way back to where I'd started five years earlier.
Then it just kept rumbling on. Pretty soon I began to miss it, so I climbed back on that bus. And now I'm hoping that you'll get on "the bus" with us!
So if you want to learn way more about the Bible than I will ever be able to teach you in a thousand years, just click on this climb aboard the Bible bus! You do that, and five years from now you will be way smarter about scripture than anybody (except for Jesus and Doc McGee!)
Sort of like the old wig advertisement said, "I'm not only a Bible teacher, but I'm also a student!" And so I welcome you to the mobile "classroom" of the late, great J. Vernon McGee. I'll slide over so you can sit right here--right behind the driver--with me.

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