Wednesday, April 26, 2017

a massive concept of God

The Word for today:
Genesis 47:13-48:22
"Examine your faith!"
We're told, in 2 Corinthians 13:5, to examine our faith. So, go ahead, test yourself…
It's a little unsettling, isn't it? I mean, what's the standard? What does an 'A' in Faith look like; what does a 'C' or an 'F' look like?
Well, the Bible devoted an entire chapter--Hebrews 11--to that very question. Think of Hebrews 11 as the Honor Society of Faith, because it's filled with examples of those who got an 'A.'
And of all the persons found in Hebrews 11, I would put Joseph right at the top of the class. His A+ faith serves as a standard by which we can evaluate our own.
The important thing to remember is that the size of your faith isn't a measurement of you; faith is not something inherent. Instead, faith is relational; it's as big as the God you believe in. Faith is so powerful, and so revolutionary, and so full of possibility because it is not confined to our little selves, or bound by our limitations!
So don't be intimidated by someone else's A+ faith. Instead, let soaring faith inspire you! Let's examine Joseph's great faith so we can join him in the Honor Society someday:
1. Joseph had a massive concept of God. "In his day, Joseph maintained the greatest concept and understanding of God of any living soul. Joseph's understanding of God was that he controlled all of life, including its day-in, day-out events." (1)
2. Joseph believed God's Word that had been revealed to him through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He believed in God's covenant promises.
3. Joseph believed that the LORD God was with him, both in the pit and at the pinnacle.
So, let's review before we take the test:
Faith isn't inherent, it's relational. And because we can have a relationship with the living God--the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph--we can have the same faith that Joseph had.
Joseph believed in God's greatness, more than any other man; he believed in God's Word, as no other man; and he believed that God was with him, more than any of his contemporaries.
And his faith had nothing to do with 'Joseph' at all.
(1) Quoted from  "Genesis: Beginning and Blessing" by R. Kent Hughes

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