Tuesday, May 2, 2017

From the Ascension to the Kingdom

The Word for today:
Luke 21:25-38
Today we encounter a portion of scripture known as the Olivet Discourse. The Olivet Discourse records the end-time prophecies of the Bible's greatest prophet.
The comments quoted below are taken from the back cover of a recently published book by David C. Westcott--Bible scholar, author, and a friend of mine.
David's cover blurb will provide you with the basic information you should know about the Olivet Discourse.
At the end of the quotation you will find a link to Amazon, where you can purchase David's book for a modest price--and thus begin the process of becoming a Bible scholar yourself!
"From the Ascension to the Kingdom"
"Beginning with some background information on the Mount of Olives, the temples of Jerusalem, the Passover week, and the mindset of Jesus' disciples, this book employs this author's composite of the Olivet Discourse--found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke--to expound upon the prophecies presented by Jesus to His closest disciples.
After hearing His disciples' questions, Jesus described events which would take place between His departure into heaven and His return to establish His Earthly Kingdom.
The disciples were anticipating an immediate arrival of Jesus' Kingdom, but Jesus, knowing this, gave them an account of events which must take place prior to the Kingdom's establishment.
He began by giving a direct warning to the disciples, followed by an explanation of trials that they would personally encounter.
Jesus then told these disciples about the demise of Jerusalem which would take place in 70 A.D. Following that, He spoke of the coldness of heart which will permeate the society in the end times. He gave them the "Abomination of Desolation" as a sign of the approach of the end of the age.
Moreover, through parables, Jesus taught His disciples the importance of being prepared for His return.
In the final scene of this discourse, Jesus presents a picture of a judgment which will take place in preparation for the establishment of His Kingdom.
There are many lessons to be learned through Jesus' presentation of the Olivet Discourse. This writer hopes that his readers will take to heart the lessons of this most prophetic disclosure on the end of the age."
Stand in the Rain hereby proclaims "From the Ascension to the Kingdom" to be our official Olivet Discourse resource. We encourage you to click here and to consider purchasing this wonderfully informative book.

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