Monday, June 26, 2017

meant for each other

The Word for today:
Acts 12:25-13:12
Paul becomes the central figure in Acts at Chapter 13, taking over from Peter, who had been the central character up to that point. These two great apostles could not have been more unalike.
Peter was impulsive, spontaneous, and eager to please. He wore his big heart on his sleeve.
Paul thought his way through life. He was cerebral and sometimes calculating. (My guess is that he possessed the highest IQ in history.)
Together, they represent the head and the heart of the church.
Make no mistake that Peter was also a brilliant man. Look no further than the first few verses of 1 Peter, where he handles the great doctrines of election, foreknowledge, sanctification, obedience, the blood of Christ, the Trinity, the grace of God, salvation, revelation, glory, faith, and hope. But his bigger heart ruled his big head.
And make no mistake that Paul had a soft spot for matters of the heart. Look no further than 1 Corinthians 13 and you'll see! But his bigger head ruled his big heart.
There was sometimes contention between them. Peter had a conservative streak, and held on to the old ways longer than Paul, who lived on the theologically innovative edge.
But isn't that often true of heads and hearts? Hearts hold on too long, while heads are too willing to forsake the tried and true.
Whether you are more like Peter or more like Paul, remember that heart and head are made to dance together. One's got to lead, and the other's got to follow, but they were meant for each other.

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